Some great progress and finally teachers can resume to teaching…..why the government was taking so long to act on this important issue, is a great question to ask! Education is the key to empowerment of our children and youths who are the future leaders of the nation!! It is therefore paramount that we invest in these youngsters’ education to have a better and enlightened countrymen for today’s and all other generations to come

Are you interested in starting a PAKEMA Mentoring Club (PMC) at your school/college/university campus? Then please contact us and kindly let us know how to reach your school/college/university. Thanks in advance! PAKEMA Team 2012

Here at PAKEMA: WE aspire to inspire and be inspired before we expire! The time is NOW to continue the aspire-inspire cycle! Are you ready to continue this inspirational cycle as a mentor/mentee? then join us. Would you like to see and be part of a PAKEMA Mentoring Club (PMC) at your school, college or institution? or do you know of a school/college/university/ that would be interested to start up a PMC on campus? then please visit our website and give us the details on how to reach your school/college/institution. Thank you in advance for the support and we look forward to hearing from you. Please hit our SHARE buttons and share with your friends too. Follow us for more updatesImage


Let the HUMANITY spirit prevail in every corner of the World. Did you help bring a SMILE on someone’s face today by even just doing the simple things like holding the door for the person behind you? or even giving hope to someone when they felt like its the end for them? or even picked up that cell phone and made a call that brought much hope in someone’s life?….or even gave someone a hug…or even said hello…or even shared your one bottle of water with the homeless child or adult….or even helped reach out to the children & youths in your community and helped MENTOR them by sharing words of encouragement to help lighten their dreams?…or even put in your prayers all people of the earth and prayed for peace around the world….it’s these simple things that help make a difference in a greater way because the mark you shall have left in their lives (both directly and indirectly) will live with them forever and a great positive influence in the direction of their dreams, to help make the world a better place for all! Don’t wait for tomorrow….NOW is the moment and share your NOW with others too to help bring that SMILE on their face. Truly if a worm can turn into a butterfly then LOVE for Humanity can turn the World. Please join us at PAKEMA and reach out to your communities as well to continue shining that light of PEACE, LOVE, UNITY and most importantly HOPE! Kindly share and RE-POST. Continue reading