“The middle of any journey always gets more difficult, as does the middle of accomplishing our highest aspirations and dreams. That’s when true Calling, Passion & Purpose comes in; when it does, you know and feel as if you would do something or anything for free, that’s when you know you are on your true path and are connecting to what comes naturally to you, feeling free to be yourself and daring to aspire knowing that every “wall” has a door somewhere!” Winter-Esther Okoth

“The middle of …


“I will forever remain a strong advocate for Integrity! Integrity is everything and without it there is nothing; it is the Best and mother of all Virtues yet the trickiest and hardest of all virtues to be achieved by everyone…..!”

Winter-Esther Okoth – P.A.K.E.M.A Founder & President

Integrity: the mother of all virtues!