Our Founder/Executive Director’s Inspiring Interview featured by the Jane Thang productions.

Our Founder/Executive Director's Inspiring Interview featured by the Jane Thang productions.

The Strong, Empowered, & Classy Project is very excited to present our 40th Highlight of the Week: Winter Okoth, a Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) fanatic and founder of Pamoja Kenya Mentorship Alliance (PAKEMA), a non-profit grassroots organization that was established in July 7th 2012 as an alliance of Kenyans & Global Elites extending networking & MENTORSHIP services to young school children and youths situated in slums, urban and remote rural areas of Kenya and beyond by focusing on the empowerment, leadership, critical thinking, socio-economical, spiritual and academic growth of these future leaders. Get empowered and read more of her powerful story here: