Our Founding Message

Mentorship and networking are the greatest foundations to achieving successfully educated, well-rounded and critical thinkers in our societies today and tomorrow. Therefore it is paramount to propagate committed and strong mentorship to these young girls and boys who are dwelling in the slums and remote areas; a great continuity to the fight against despicable issues facing both parties in societies today especially in the slums and remote rural areas where girls suffer in silence and are still devalued and denied of their rights as human beings, they are still victims of inequity, violence, domestic abuse, gender inequality, to name a few of the many social injustices they go through.

There are a lot of injustices and debacles experienced in the slums and remote rural areas and these include the abject poverty that the dwellers go through due to lack of employment, education and empowerment; the environmental hazards experienced due to lack of toilets in most places and the running sewages that are detrimental to people’s health, especially the children; the endless forms of violence experienced ranging from crimes, lynching, sexual harassment, prostitution, drugs to name a few. The uppermost victims to these problems are the young children who get to experience the most of these adversities. Many young girls and boys within the slum areas are either raised by a single parent (which in most cases is the mother), are orphaned, raised by a few concerned relatives or both parents who are jobless and trying to pull it through as a family. Most of these girls and boys don’t get to pursue their education due to financial constraints their families are experiencing and the fact that the first three basic needs food, shelter and clothing are as important they cannot even fully accommodate these. Most of these young girls therefore may resort to unwanted and unsafe sexual engagement as prostitutes selling their bodies just to get life going, some of them who are victims of unwanted pregnancies end up being chased away by their families and end up in the streets and homeless such that they do not have even the shack to shelter them, some of these young boys start engaging in gang crimes, doing drugs and the list is endless. Therefore it is that time that we continue casting light into the shadows and know that enlightenment through mentorship is becoming a very big basic necessity for our societies, be it slums, remote rural areas or urban. the power of education and mentorship will ensure a better world for today’s and tomorrow’s generation of the youths.

Therefore it is a very big blessing to have committed organizations on the grounds that are already reaching out to these slums and remote communities for the betterment of tomorrow. Having dwelled and lived in the remote areas and slums of Nairobi, I know and I have walked in these young girls’ and boys’ shoes and I know how painful it is to go through that ordeal. It is a very difficult and different odyssey to walk and that has a lot of temptations and victimizing cases associated with it; in the end it is the young girl & boy who suffers because they did not have food to eat and therefore had to indulge in prostitution and crime in order to take care of their families; because they were raised in a family where the dad was all drunkard and never cared much for his family and it is the mother who is the main breadwinner and experienced domestic violence and therefore to avoid all these scenes the little girl or boy tries to save her/his mom and also runs off to the streets because she/he would rather be safe their than in the shack where it’s always chaotic; because the little girls/boys had many brothers and sisters and they could not all fit in this little shack as their family grew, therefore their guardians and families suggest that they get married off so that they could get some space in the shack; because these young girls came from a culture that denied their gender just because they are females then they were considered of no value and therefore were never allowed or given the chance to pursue their education; last but not least, because these young girls and boys are not enlightened enough and lack the motivation to carry on.

Therefore PAKEMA is an alliance that will continue to give voice to the voiceless: children, young girls and boys through education and mainly strong mentorship. It is that time to keep casting the light within the slum & remote areas because a greater percentage of African population is experiencing poverty and the vast majorities are based in the slums. We are still fighting slums eradication and enlightening these communities through education, mentorship and having the hope that one day we shall live in slum free continent and this can only be achieved through the continuous humanity spirit of togetherness. Please join us in this course of enlightening Kenya’s and Africa’s next generation of youths and leaders. I have faith God is working and walking His way and therefore it is that time to share those skills we have acquired to help build our younger brothers and sisters for a better & brighter future tomorrow! That’s the spirit!

God Bless!


PAKEMA Founder,
Winter Okoth

“When one woman suffers, we all suffer and when one woman is abused, exploited or denied, all of humanity is debased” Dr. Ann Veneman (UNICEF).

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