Motivational Corridor!


Survivors are always heroes
They don’t quit.
At anybody and anything;
They don’t spit.
They live on whatever they find
So long as it’s palatable
They are ready to put it on the table.

They endure dictatorship
And are always ready to engage in Mentorship

A true Survivor is someone;
who has always won
Have the courage and the explicit confidence
Ready to challenge the new residents
In every competition, they are ever ready to win.
Whenever they fail, they never give up
Always have the positive thought of winning
And taking it in the honest way

True survivors are like the army military at war
To help fight for peace the most
They have given up their lives
For the sake of the people;
To help bring tranquility back home.
Hence, few are left to mourn.

Survivors are always warriors
Ready to fight;
Just like the bee is ever ready to bite.
In foreign lands and territories,
They are ever ready to work it all out
With their hearts
They are ready to survive the tribulations
Like students in the process of matriculation.

Survivors always walk with their head held high
Making many people sigh
And wonder at their audacity
Because they clear all atrocity
And the town and city
Will be ready to change and be like the survivors
Who have a lot of moreover!

Composed by:

by Winter-Esther Okoth on Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 8:05pm

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